Office365 for the End User is a course made up of 10 modules aimed at teaching your end users only what they need to know to use the Office365 suite of products.

Each module contains a short overview of each Office365 product and what features are included followed by a long form walk through of the product showing your end users how to use the important features and sync up their experience across their devices.

The cost of this course is $5,000 with an unlimited use license within your Office365 environment. Upon receipt of payment, within 48 hours a link unique for your purchase will be sent out that is good for up to 10 business days. Be sure to download every module to a local machine and upload to your Office365 environment within those 10 days. For any questions or issues, email

These are the modules included with your purchase.

Intro to Office 365

Module 1: OneDrive for the End User

Module 2: Basic Apps for the End User

Module 3: OneNote for the End User

Module 4: Forms for the End User

Module 5: Planner for the End User

Module 6: Sway for the End User

Module 7: Teams for the End User

Module 8 Part 1: Classic SharePoint for the End User

Module 8 Part 2: Modern SharePoint for the End User

Module 9: Outlook for the End User

Module 10: Delve for the End User